Loan Against Deposit

Loan against Fixed Deposits is a facility offered by DMPAY Nidhi Ltd. to our members against your deposits held with us.
For your liquidity requirements, avail 90% of the value of deposits held, without breaking the deposit.

You need not close the deposit prematurely, and can avail the loan. At the branch where you maintain the deposit as an overdraft or as a demand loan, for a maximum of 90% of the face value of deposit and including the interest accrued on the deposit at an interest rate linked to Deposit Rate against TD/RD deposits.

Features of Loan Against Deposits
  • Take loan against fixed deposit without any other collateral.
  • Apply to loan anytime.
  • No pre-payment & no extra charges.
  • No tedious paper work.
  • Quick processing
  • Simple paper work
  • Lowest Interest.
  • No thorough documentations required.
Required Documents
  • Any identity proof card
  • Any residential proof card